Veg It – a worthy successor to V8 vegetable juice

New Veg It juice

Do you love V8 vegetable juice but can no longer find it on the supermarket shelves?

Well, we have the answer for you. Our brand new Veg It juice is made from 8 different vegetables and is a perfect replacement for your old juice. 

It is available in a multipack from our web shop and on Amazon; or in individual 1 litre cartons in over 300 Tesco stores nationwide from the 3 March 2024, with other supermarkets launching later this year.

Veg It can be stored in your cupboard with an extra long shelf life to ensure you can always have a carton to hand. The drink is best served chilled but tastes great however you try it. 

Veg It was developed very much with the objective of satisfying the former V8 customer taste wise while using superior ingredients such as pressed carrot, beetroot, celery and sauerkraut juices rather than concentrates to liven up the dominant tomato juice base. Add a little leek, cress and parsley to he mix and the magic is complete.

Order yours today and give it a taste, we're sure you'll love it. 

 Buy now - Veg It 

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