May 2024 Ambassador

May 2024 Ambassador
Toby Bull is a 20-year-old goalkeeper for Worthing FC who at aged 18 was in the Brighton first team squad for an away fixture Manchester United. Toby was part of the team that won the Under 17s Premier League Cup and conceded only 2 goals in the entire tournament, playing in every round.
1. How did you first become interested in playing goalkeeper?
Growing up with an older brother always meant I was shoved in goal in the garden whilst he just leathered footballs at me ha-ha. Weirdly enough I quite enjoyed throwing myself around and getting hit by a ball. I properly got into it aged 10 when the goalkeeper for the Sunday league team I was playing for wasn’t available and I volunteered to go in goal for games and really enjoyed it.

2. What has been your most memorable performance to date?
My best moment in football was being called up to the first team squad at Brighton for Manchester United away at age 18. My best performance was winning the Under 17s Premier League Cup whilst only conceding 2 goals in the entire tournament – I also played in every round.

3. What are your ambitions in goal keeping for 2024 and beyond?
I want to play at the highest level and inspire and maybe change the way younger people think about goalkeeping.

4. Who has been a major influence or inspiration in your goal keeping journey?
My goalkeeping idol growing up was Iker Casillas as he is not the tallest like me but still became one of the greatest of all time goalkeepers. I have also had several coaches who have influenced and inspired me to keep working hard and have made me better.
5. What unique challenges do you find in goal keeping that people may not know about?
Goalkeeping is extremely tough mentally you must have a very strong mindset to become a goalkeeper and at times can feel very lonely but having good mental strength will help see you through the tough times. It is also physically very tough putting the body through a lot of stress with amount of impacts we have with the ground each week.
6. What is a typical training day like for you?
Football training would tend to be 2 hours long with a variation of drills focusing on certain topics. I would also have a 1 hour-1 hour and a half gym session with a specific focus for example lower body strength. Then I would finish with 20 minutes in the sauna.
7. If you could give one piece of advice to someone new to goal keeping, what would it be?
Watch my videos ha-ha, no I would say focus on yourself it is easy to get distracted/compare with what others are doing in the goalkeeping world but if you focus on improving each day you will go far.
8. Besides goal keeping, what other outdoor activities do you enjoy?
I love Golf and try to play as much as I can. I used to play a lot of tennis and cricket as well when I was younger.
9. In what ways has Beet It Sport impacted your training and performance?
Beet It Sport products has had a positive impact on how my body feels during and after session weather that be pitched based, or gym based. The nitrate products help provide me with an extra boost I need to push myself achieving new goals. The recovery products help me recover making sure I am ready to go again and can perform to my optimal level.
10. How did you hear about Beet It Sport?
The nutritionist I had at Brighton had these products and encouraged us to start using them to help improve performance.

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