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Beet It Regen Cherry+ Shot (15 x 70ml)

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Customer Reviews

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Early days but it feels good!

A number of years ago, I discovered Beetroot juice and felt that it really helped my general fitness. For some reason I stopped at some stage, but a couple of months ago, while working at my fitness again I decided to go for it again. James White was a pretty obvious place to go to and I liked the variety of products offered. I’ve been drinking the beetroot and cherry shots after an intensive run and although you’re never quite sure, I felt it helped me recuperate - I certainly have felt fewer aches and pains the last couple of weeks. Very happy with the product and with the promptness of delivery too!

Tomas Coulter

I have been using your Beet products for many years because they work. Very much appreciate that they are from a humble vegetable / fruit too.

Tim Wheeler
Love the sour taste of the cherry

As a beetroot fan, this intense shot of flavour with the added zest of sour cherry goes down really well after a hard day running or cycling.

About Beet It Regen Cherry+ shot
Beet It Regen Cherry+ shots contain sour cherry juice concentrate (58%) and beetroot juice concentrate (42%) in a convenient ready-to-drink 70ml format.

Suggested use
Consume 1 shot one to three hours before training, three days before and two days after competition.  Regen Cherry+ is a “precovery” product, designed to be consumed in the days before exercise to assist with recovery on the days after exercise. Regen Cherry+ should be consumed in conjunction with Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 shots, which are nitrate-rich and used for enhanced exercise performance.

Sour cherry juice concentrate (58%), beetroot juice concentrate (42%); made from concentrates

Informed Sport certified
Beet It Sport products carry the Informed-Sport logo, which means they have been tested by LGC’s
world-class sports anti-doping laboratory to ensure product trust and integrity. With Informed-Sport, athletes can be confident their reputation is in safe hands.

Nutritional information (per 100ml)
Energy: 524kJ / 123kcal;
Fat: 0g; of which saturates 0g
Carbohydrates 29g; of which sugars 22g
Protein: 1.8g
Salt: 0.11g

“The term “precovery” may be preferable to describe interventions that should be introduced on the days prior to exercise to facilitate recovery on the days after exercise. The available evidence does not support a regimen that begins on the day of exercise or post‐exercise. The evidence supports cherry juice as a precovery intervention across a range of athletic activities.” – taken from a relatively recent study here

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